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Welcome to MyFreeMP3! The online portal where you can listen to your favourite songs – no matter what genre.

Music is a special friend, motivator and inspiration for many people. We offer you a free way to download your songs for your individual playlist that inspires you. You can save them on every other device to play them in your car, on a party or just at home.

We offer a huge variety of songs and videos that are available on the web. There is no need to register or pay for a subscription when you can instantly listen or watch anything you like. We are all open and honest about our performance and service quality.

But the most important thing at the end: how do you use our website for free MP3s?

It is as easy as it sounds: just fill out the searching field above and select your song. Press the “Play” button to check if it is the right choice and using the “Download” button you can download your file. You can even download your file as an MP4, so you can watch your favourite music video. Our music downloader guides you in a few easy steps to your first download.

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A unique experience, only on our site

With our web application, you will be able to find the music, audio books, recordings or podcasts you are looking for within seconds.

Listen to your favorite music without internet or commercial interruptions by saving it directly on your device.

You can share downloaded files with other devices by downloading them directly to your Dropbox account.

Superior sound with high fidelity

We're proud to offer you our best feature: hear all your downloaded music in lossless quality, with superior sound. You won't be disappointed.

Using our service is 100% safe

Downloading music from the internet is often fraught with dangers and drawbacks. We have worked out a way to make free music downloads convenient, fast, and secure. We offer our users the ability to download music for free over a secure server in multiple formats to fit their needs, as well as the opportunity to explore new tracks. Our goal is to become a premier resource for obtaining high-quality MP3 files for any occasion.

Our downloads are protected by two top-of-the-line security systems. We use McAfee Secure and Norton by Symantec to make sure all our downloads are protected.

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